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Tuna Tour is the only experience where you can meet wild bluefin tuna in their own habitat while accompanied by a team specialised in this species.

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Enjoy an activity that suits all tastes, whether you're coming with friends or family, or whether you have a scientific interest in learning about the world of bluefin tuna.

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Marcos Fernández

I went with a group of friends for the dive and we had a great time. Incredible to be able to swim with bluefin tuna at a depth of twenty metres. I've travelled around the world and I've never experienced anything like this. I can't wait to relive the experience.

Josep Roig

I could never have imagined swimming with giant bluefin tuna out at sea. Ten out of ten for the crew, a wonderful and brand new catamaran, unbeatable views, the swim with amazing tuna, and the excellent tasting session.

Maria Cardona

I was there with my family last summer and it was an amazing experience that we all really enjoyed. The best thing by far was swimming with the tuna. We'll be back this year for sure.

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Swimming with hundreds of bluefin tuna is quite an adventure!



Find out everything about bluefin tuna: history, nutritional value, etc.



Discover the infinite culinary possibilities of bluefin tuna and taste it onboard.



Tuna Tour is the informative centre for bluefin tuna created by the Balfegó family.

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We are launching new Tuna Tour articles so that you can complement your experience with the best memories. Select them during booking before June 17 and enjoy 20% off the website! (The items will be delivered to the Tuna Tour office in the port of l'Ametlla de Mar on the day of the activity)

USB Tuna Tour + Images of your experience  20€

USB Tuna Tour + Images of your experience 20€

16 €

Snorkel Kit   30€

Snorkel Kit 30€

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Full Mask   49€

Full Mask 49€

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 Microfiber Towel  25€

Microfiber Towel 25€

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T-shirt  15€

T-shirt 15€

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Polo shirt   25€

Polo shirt 25€

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Hoodie  35€

Hoodie 35€

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Thinnus Plush Toy 15€

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