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Only if the weather conditions are not favourable. Before each departure, we make sure that Neptune's in a good mood and will let us enjoy a great day out at sea. If we need to cancel the tour, we'll contact you with two options: cancel the reservation at no cost or change your adventure to another available date (we recommend the second option).

Not in the slightest! Quite the opposite. Tuna aren't aggressive; in fact, they shy away from any kind of contact, both among themselves and with humans. So, don't worry, the Tuna Tour is as safe as it is thrilling.

Two hours of fun and learning are guaranteed. Tuna Tour is an adventure in which you lead the way and decide how you want to experience it. The activity includes the catamaran trip to the Balfegó pools and the screening of the short film 'Del Mar a Balfegó' (From the Sea to Balfegó). And depending on the option reserved, you can also include an hour of swimming with tuna and a Balfegó bluefin tuna tasting session with a drink. Go out and out for the full experience!

Your desire to experience an adventure, swimwear, a towel, and a snorkel mask and tube. You can get changed in the locker room and take a shower at the end of the activity if you fancy. We've also got buoyancy vests for children and adults on request. If you don't have a wetsuit, don't worry, we'll lend you one on the catamaran.

Of course! Children, adults and anyone with an adventurous spirit. Tuna Tour is an activity suitable for children over the age of five who know how to swim. We have buoyancy vests available, compulsory for children from 05 to 10 yearsf, or parents to set them at ease and make sure that their only concern is having a great day with the family.

We recommend bringing a camera, taking photos and making memories of this unforgettable day. Whether or not you decide to bring your camera, though, you can take home the video of your Tuna Tour as a souvenir, available on a pen drive that you can buy from the bar onboard.

Unfortunately not. We're really sorry, even if your pet's an expert swimmer, they can't board the catamaran.

We recommend experiencing this adventure to the fullest: catamaran, swim and a delicious tapa of authentic Balfegó bluefin tuna sashimi accompanied by a drink. The tasting session is optional. But we highly recommend it!

Of course, everyone's welcome on the Tuna Tour. The catamaran is adapted for people with reduced mobility, so everyone can enjoy this adventure. If you don't want to swim with the tuna, please let us know before confirming the reservation. We want to be ready to give you the best experience.