Balfegó, the only wild bluefin tuna company maintained with environmental sustainability certification See certificate
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Tuna Tour Educates

Ahoy there! Ready for an adventure? Ready for a thrilling experience? The journey begins as soon as you board our catamaran and set sail for the Balfegó pools five kilometres from the coast, a place for learning and fun in equal measures.

Throughout this educational experience, our little sailors will enjoy the incredible Tuna Tour experience, including a fascinating encounter with the giant of the sea, the bluefin tuna.

On the twenty-minute sail out to sea, you’ll learn surprising things about this special tuna, such as its history, habits, nutritional value and lifestyle. We’ll also talk about sustainability and environmental education, two extremely important concepts for Balfegó, which will help us nurture our bond with nature. Sounds amazing, right? Our little sailors will be mesmerised by everything they’re going to learn!

Once we reach the pools, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty and observe hundreds of bluefin tuna while swimming with them and even feeding them.

As well as experiencing an incredible adventure, they’ll learn about the importance of looking after the sea through values such as sustainability, in an activity that takes place in the natural environment. A fascinating, fun and educational experience that will make them bond with the marine environment!